The Interlace

Where Urban Living Meets Nature

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The Interlace

Find the perfect condo for you. Choose confidently. The Interlace meet the full range of criteria and needs of our buyers. We offer units that match your lifestyle. We combine nature, modernization, comfort and practicality.

Relaxing Experience

Amenities like swimming pools, clubhouse, play area, jacuzzi and fitness station make your weekends with your family more fun and relaxing. You can always feel safe with its 24/7 security.

Unique Architecture

Breaking away from the traditional condo structure, the Interlace uses a style that is geared more towards expansion which is combined seamlessly to a lush environment. Its hexagonal arrangement makes it stand out among other condominiums in the area.

Innovative Design

The Interlace landscape boasts of extensive roof gardens, landscaped sky terraces, cascading balconies and lush green areas. There are huge outdoor spaces and personal planting areas which allows people to develop their green thumb.


Your family can benefit from reduced transportation costs because of its strategic location. It is near Queenstown, Redhill Estate, Harbour Front and Labrador Park MRT stations. More saved time means more quality time for your family.

Unique Amenities

The Interlace offers a variety of amenities and a wide range of activities for the family. Your family can enjoy the outdoors and the green scenery such as the lotus pond, landscape courtyard and the gardening zone. Activity areas and best-in-class amenities are the trademark of Interlace.

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Email us at and our enthusiastic sales staff will be willing to answer all your questions about the Interlace. So get your dream home now!